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Luna MicroCare Flawless

Luna MicroCare Flawless

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Overnight Transformation - Patch Kit for Deep, Stubborn Acne

Experience Radiant Skin with Flawless Kit: Your Path to Clear, Confident Beauty begins overnight! Specially designed for deep, stubborn acne, our Flawless Kit is a powerful solution that starts unveiling your clearest, smoothest, and most hydrated complexion right from the first night.

Inside-Out Transformation: Two hours is all it takes for our Flawless Kit's self-dissolving micro-cones to start their work, flooding emerging zits with a potent blend of ingredients, kick-starting the Inside-Out transformation that combats blackheads, pimples, and stubborn cystic acne.

Skin Prep Included: Each kit features 16 CLEANSER swabs, exfoliating and de-stressing your skin to create the perfect canvas.


Your Flawless Journey:

83.3% reduction in inflammation*
65.5% reduction in redness**
⁠36.9% reduction in sebum production***
98% agree skin feels calm and soothed
94% agree Flawless is more effective than previously used products

Embrace the radiant, confident you with Flawless Kit, where transformation starts overnight!

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