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Luna MicroCare Lumiere

Luna MicroCare Lumiere

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for Post-Acne Scars, Marks, and Dark Spots

The Ultimate Solution for Post-Acne Scars, Marks, and Dark Spots! Specifically designed for those struggling with the aftermath of acne, the Lumiere Patch Kit is an innovative blemish-clarifying skincare revolution that not only transforms your skin but also addresses dark spots for an even-toned appearance.


Inside-Out Transformation: Our advanced self-dissolving micro-cones are designed to target imperfections precisely, significantly reducing the visibility of acne marks and dark spots within just a few applications.

Skin Prep Included: Prepare your skin with 16 CLEANSER swabs, each soaked in exfoliating, de-stressing ingredients. This step primes the blemish-prone area, ensuring the patches work their magic effectively.


Lumiere's Path to Skin Transformation:

70% success rate in dark spot treatment*
51.4% improvements in hyper-pigmented zones**
⁠100% agree skin feels nourished and replenished***
Visible results within 4-12 weeks***

Embrace clearer, more confident skin with each application.

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